Our Team


John Rafferty

President & CEO

In 2009, John founded WATCH GUARD 24/7 and is at the forefront of his company’s success, cultivating organic growth in each of the company’s 11 years in business.  John sets the tone for operational excellence and customer service, leading by example as the face of WATCH GUARD 24/7.

John leads with and instills upon his team the same dedication, attention to detail, and responsiveness he exemplified in the NYPD. Upon his retirement from the NYPD, John was considered as one of the most decorated Lieutenants. He was assigned to some of the busiest, crime ridden commands in Brooklyn, NY which resulted in a proven track record for combating crime. John was the recipient of the second highest honor of the police department; the Combat Cross.

John began his career in the 67th Precinct and dedicated most of his time in Anti-Crime. He then rose quickly through the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant. John was assigned to Housing PSA 3 as a Sergeant and shortly thereafter became assigned as the Street Narcotic Enforcement Unit Sergeant and eventually the Anti-Crime Sergeant, covering housing projects in Brooklyn North. He then went on to become the BRAM and Squad sergeant in the 60th Precinct Detective Squad. John was later assigned as the Commanding Officer of the 62nd Precinct Detective Squad and then promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Special Operations Lieutenant in the 73rd Precinct, in Brownsville, Brooklyn. In 2009, John retired, entering the private sector.

John is an expert witness providing testimony in court and has been featured on Fox News as a commentator on security issues. John graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Michele Rafferty

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Michele Rafferty, as a founder of WATCH GUARD 24/7 in 2009, epitomizes the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for driving success of the company through financial management. Michele manages the company’s financial risk, budget planning, and insurance programs, ensuring that the business continues its stability and growth plans safely and with a measured approach to the benefit of WATCH GUARD’s customers. She has been at the forefront of driving healthy growth and, over the past 4 years, the company has doubled its revenues year-over-year and continues its success supported by her allegiance to stellar financial planning through best practices.

Prior to founding WATCH GUARD 24/7, Michele worked for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies where she had over 10 years of experience in commercial insurance and risk management.

Michele graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. John’s University with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technologies


Mark Coffino

Executive Vice President & COO

Mark joined WATCH GUARD 24/7 in October of 2018 and is responsible for strategic leadership and performance of all operational, divisional and administrative functions and for driving financial results. He works closely with WATCH GUARD 24/7 ownership and is tasked with overall leadership for the organization. Mark works closely with key executives and leaders within the organization to establish key metrics and roll-out plans for company infrastructures. He is also responsible for business plan creation and implementation.

Prior to joining Watch Guard 24/7, Mark had a long and successful career with industry leader FJC Security Services, Inc. He began his career by strategically designing a sales department and then spearheading a sales initiative which placed FJC as the largest privately held and locally operated guarding company in the New York Metropolitan Region. Under Mark’s leadership and with a leadership team comprised of 11 executive team members, FJC grew nationally to over 300 million dollars annually and 7,000 employees; thereby, earning a reputation for being one of the most reliable service providers of security officer services, nationwide. Mark reports directly to WATCH GUARD 24/7’s ownership.

Robert Hoyt

Robert Hoyt

Senior Vice President of Operations

As the Senior Vice President of Operations for WATCH GUARD 24/7, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. He ensures that the company’s security services are delivered efficiently and effectively to its clients. This includes managing personnel, scheduling, logistics, and technology infrastructure to meet the needs of the business. Additionally, he is responsible for maintaining high standards of customer service and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and laws. Robert Hoyt also plays a key role in developing and implementing strategies to improve the company’s performance and drive growth. Robert Hoyt joined in January of 2023. He brings over thirty years of combined Law Enforcement and Security experience with him to our team of security experts.

Robert joined the NYPD in 1990. He has been recognized with promotions to ranks of Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant and eventually Lieutenant Commander, Detective Squad. Robert was the first ever, Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s newly formed, Human Trafficking Team and The Vice Major Case Unit. He served as a Squad Commander in the Narcotics Division as well as the Organized Crime Investigation Division. Prior to that he served as the Special Operations Lieutenant for the 42nd Precinct in The Bronx.

Robert has been working in the private security industry in various capacities since his retirement from the NYPD in 2012, including his roles as a Senior Vice President with Brosnan Risk Consultants and the Head of Consulting for T&M USA. He is highly trained and experienced in all facets of Security Operations, Assessments, Security Protocols, Investigations, Executive Protection, Event Security and Counter Terrorism.



Natalie De Marchis

Vice President of Finance

Natalie De Marchis is WATCH GUARD 24/7’s Controller and leads the company’s Finance Team.  She brings over 16 years of public and private accounting experience to WATCH GUARD 24/7 with exceptionally strong leadership and analytical skills.  She oversees all accounting functions, including WATCH GUARD 24/7’s A/R A/P, billing and payroll departments within the division. Additionally, Natalie oversees IT Services and all software and hardware implementations. She is also involved in corporate strategy, and leads all company internal and external audit functions. Natalie has become a strong leader and significantly contributes to company-wide continuity of operations and business planning.

Prior to joining WATCH GUARD 24/7, Natalie worked primarily in the areas of assurance and attestation engagement for publicly and privately held businesses across multiple industries, including marketing, construction and hospitality.

She has extensive experience in finance and corporate development and continually improves upon internal functions and safeguarding assets through internal controls. Natalie reports directly to the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer and assists in the planning and strategy of company stability and growth


Chris Kozak

Director of Operations, Construction and Key Accounts

As Director of Operations, which incorporates all phases of building to include commercial and residential construction through finished structures within the New York Metropolitan area, Chris is responsible for establishing and maintaining strong client relationships that exceed client expectations. With his many years of experience as a leader in this industry, Chris oversees a growing portfolio, always ensuring the implementation of best practices and is best known for his reliability and client immediate response.

A retired NYPD Sergeant, Chris brings 33 years of law enforcement and private sector security experience to WATCH GUARD 24/7. He began his career in the 67th Precinct where he held numerous positions, primarily in Highway Safety. As a Sergeant in the 104th Precinct he was responsible for the Precinct Traffic Team, a role which focused on troubleshooting to reduce accidents and injuries. He finished his career in Traffic Investigations, overseeing the integrity of the Highway District and the Mounted Units Citywide. Upon his retirement, Chris entered the private sector and worked as Director of Security at John F. Kennedy Airport’s International Air Terminal for FJC Security Services, and later, Allied Universal Security. He also managed armed New York City Government services for AlliedBarton Security.

As liaise between WATCH GUARD 24/7 and clients, Chris ensures security program integrity for each client in his portfolio. He conducts comprehensive client meetings and ensures client satisfaction by developing a deep understanding of each client and their business needs and implements successful security solutions. Chris reports directly to the Vice President of Operations.


Joseph Anderle

Director of Security

Joseph oversees one of the largest not-for-profit organizations serviced by WATCH GUARD 24/7. He manages the security team for multiple locations throughout New York City’s five boroughs. He works closely with his operations team to ensure delivery of services are effective and efficient and that WATCH GUARD 24/7 delivers a product that consistently exceeds the industry standard. Joe is responsible for client relations and ensuring all of his clients’ individual needs are met.

After 21 years of service in the NYPD, Joseph has extensive knowledge in policing and law enforcement. He brings this level of expertise to the clients he services and in the management of all security personnel. He has held many positions throughout his tenure with the NYPD including Patrol, Anti-Crime, Supervisor, Police Academy Instructor and Sergeant in the Fire Arms and Tactics Section. While in the Fire Arms and Tactic Section, Joseph supervised an instructor team that provided scenario-based training to investigative units such as NYPD, Street Crime, Precinct Anti-Crime, Drug Enforcement Units, and NYPD Warrant Units.

Joseph is a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Joseph is a certified Police Instructor and Firearms Instructor. Joseph reports directly to the Vice President of Operations.


Anthony Pasquariello

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for WATCH GUARD 24/7, Anthony is in charge of the Hospitality Division. This includes commercial properties, high-end hotels, as well as residential properties throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Anthony works closely with his operations team to ensure delivery of services are effective, efficient, and seamless. Anthony role is to ensure that WATCH GUARD 24/7 delivers a product that consistently exceeds the industry standard.

As a twenty-four year veteran of the New York City Police Department, Anthony was a Second Grade Detective who was assigned to one of the NYPD’s most prestigious units, the Manhattan District’s Attorney’s Office Detective Squad. While assigned there, he worked under nine-term Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau and three-term DA Cyrus Vance Jr. During that time, he collaborated with various federal and state law enforcement officers and led investigations from celebrity extortion, celebrity stalking, to financial crimes and other complex criminal cases.
Furthermore, Anthony performed Dignitary Protection details with other NYPD Detectives and Federal Agents. Together they served on protection details for various Elected Officials, Foreign Nationals, and four different Presidents of the United States.

Upon his retirement from the NYPD, Anthony entered the private sector and was the Managing Director for a Private Investigators firm. Anthony is a licensed private investigator and is licensed to carry a firearm in all fifty states. He also volunteers his time as the Secretary of his local little league. Anthony reports directly to the VP of Operations.


James Masiello

Director of Operations

James is responsible for program success and delivery of services to WATCH GUARD 24/7’s portfolio of residential communities throughout New York City’s Manhattan and Bronx boroughs. He oversees every aspect of day-to-day operations, from recruitment and training of security officers to the management of each Community’s 24-hour Security Operations Center. James provides complete monitoring of security officer services, ensuring total client satisfaction and contract compliance. James is accountable for immediate response to client needs and establishes collaborative relationships between his portfolio, WATCH GUARD 24/7’s management, and all branches of local first responders.

James brings over 22 years of law enforcement experience to WATCH GUARD 24/7. He had a long, decorated career in the New York City Police Department, beginning as a Patrol Officer in the NYPD’s 66th Precinct. He quickly moved through the ranks, transferring to the Anti-Crime Unit, later to the Mounted Unit, and ultimately, to the Organized Crime Unit where he was promoted to Third Grade Detective. James was also selected and assigned for the role of Dignitary Protection and finished his NYPD career at the Staten Island District Attorney Detective Squad where he earned the rank of Second Grade Detective.

Upon his retirement from the NYPD, James worked for the United States Eastern District Federal Courts as a court security officer before joining the private sector as Director of Operations for industry leader, FJC Security Services, Inc. James reports directly to the Vice President of Operations.


Warren J. Ernst

Director of Operations

Warren is responsible for security oversight for two thousand inner city residential units. He commands a 24/7 Special Operations Command Center which provides surveillance, communications, real-time GPS monitoring, CCTV systems, remote building access entry, and a telecommunications center for almost 30 locations. He initiates assessments, conducts and oversees security officer training drills and through his leadership, maintains the highest levels of quality relating to safety and security standards.

Warren began his career in the NYPD’s 107th Precinct and quickly excelled through the ranks. He has worked in the Anti-Crime Unit, the Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB), the Narcotics Bureau, and as well in the 113th Precinct’s Narcotics Module. Warren was promoted to Detective where he played an integral role in the NYPD’s Detective Bureau as part of the Burglary Robbery Apprehension Module (BRAM), and ultimately, transferred to the Intelligence Division where he served as a liaison between the CIA and NYPD. While assigned with the CIA he received an award for outstanding service and contribution to National Security.

Upon his retirement in 2009, Warren entered the private sector within the executive protection field for heads of state, elite members of society and the entertainment industry. Over the years, Warren has acquired an intricate knowledge of law enforcement and respect throughout the industry. He has developed extensive networking channels while continuously maintaining professional relationships, which earned him the ability to provide professional consulting services to multinational corporations and individuals, world-wide. Warren reports directly to the Vice President of Operations.


Norma Slocovich

Director of Sales & Contracts

As Director of Sales and Contracts, Norma is responsible for all aspects of WATCH GUARD 24/7’s Sales program. She also manages and oversees the contract cycle and ensures 100% compliance with each client’s insurance requirements.

Norma is responsible for a number of significant responsibilities to include creating and implementing WATCH GUARD’s cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system and developing best practices for bids and proposals. She is highly adept at defining and implementing standards and best practices to achieve company-wide objectives and goals. Norma has been a key contributor to year-over-year growth and expansion into private sector markets and brings to WATCHGUARD 24/7 over 15 years of high-level sales support and management experience within the security guarding industry.

Norma has worked for Summit Security Services and industry leader FJC Security Services, where she created and implemented employee onboarding programs, was a key contributor toward thriving sales performance, and administered successfully proven sales processes. While at FJC, Norma was also responsible for the design, implementation, and daily management of business and technical workflows within the company’s CRM system. She was also instrumental in rolling out a comprehensive quality assurance program which initiated and confirmed KPI metrics and solidified comprehensive reporting capabilities. Norma is trained in CRM System Administration through Salesforce.com and reports directly to the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.


Frances Velazquez

Director of Human Resources/Corporate Compliance Manager

Frances manages WATCH GUARD 24/7’s Human Resources Department and oversees security officer state licensure compliance and regulatory functions as Corporate Compliance Manager.

Frances ensures company adherence to all state and federal laws, from the perspectives of employment and labor, and initiates and ensures company policies and procedures. She is ultimately responsible for the company’s adherence to all regulatory requirements and provides guidance on compliance and HR matters to administrative and non-administrative employees, company-wide. Frances is an integral part of the overall success of WATCH GUARD 24/7 through preserving the company’s high standards of integrity, and ensuring that necessary communications are accurate and flowing throughout the company.

Prior to joining WATCH GUARD 24/7, Frances was Director of Human Resources, Aviation Division, for two national security guarding companies at JFK International Airport. Frances has coordinated with the Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANYNJ), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) agencies for over 28 years. Frances reports directly to the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.