Commercial Business

Commercial Business

Let us help you increase the safety of your employees, visitors, and continuity of business operations. Our building security services will enhance the perception of your building with professional security personnel and top-flight risk mitigation protocols; crafted with smart planning and an abundance of capabilities to meet today’s challenges

We understand the importance of creating peace of mind in knowing that your commercial business is properly protected, free of violations and consistently professionally attired. We will assess your needs and work closely with you to craft a customized security and fire safety protocol that protects people and assets; and meets every customer service and regulatory requirement, allowing you to focus on other matters.

We offer armed and unarmed security personnel who will protect your access points and monitor surveillance and command center systems, ensuring there is no unauthorized entry to your property and internal movements follow established protocols. We also provide commercial business services such as concierge, who will add a higher level of customer service, and Fire and Life Safety Directors, who will ensure you are in compliance with all fire safety regulations. From managing building access and COVID-19 safety regulations and building requirements, to fire safety panel and Emergency Action Plan support, we are here to serve you.

WATCH GUARD 24/7 offers its Commercial Building clientele:


  • Experienced Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Access Control and Visitor Management
  • Fire and Life Safety Directors
  • Fire Guards (all certifications)
  • Special Event Security
  • Security System Monitors & Command Center Operations
  • Elevator Management
  • Concierge & Reception
  • Armed Chauffeurs
  • Mailroom Security Services
  • COVID-19 Building Threat Protocols (spread deterrence)
  • Emergency Response
  • Evacuations
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Security Vehicle Patrols
  • Site and Risk Assessments
  • Temperature Scanners
  • Social Distance Enforcement Officers
  • Crowd Control
  • 24/7 Command Center for Immediate Support
  • Police Precinct Liaison
  • Field Inspectors for Off-Hour Visits to Enhance Oversight and Quality Assurance
  • Manned Security Guard Booths
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Real-Time Touring Systems

Compliance as per Fire Department, Department of Buildings regulations, OSHA and NY-Forward Safety Regulations to reduce spread.

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