Special Event Security

Special Event Security

In today’s heightened threat environment, planning a successful special event requires customized logistical planning and support, and the right contingent of personnel, equipment and organizational oversight. Whether your event is a festival, fashion show, entertainment, corporate event or other venue, event security is complex and requires precise coordination and communications. A comprehensive and thorough security plan will contribute to managing your special event risk and help it run smoothly.

WATCH GUARD 24/7 will perform a complete analysis of your event to determine strategy and specific needs. A security plan will be crafted and implemented to prevent and react to any unruly behavior or disputes as well as deter any non-approved entry and theft or damage of personal property.

We provide checkpoint, stationary and roving, armed and unarmed security officers with point-to-point communications. We also provide detection equipment and highly trained professionals for guest screening. Our Security Officers and supporting program will provide a strong, organized and protective presence at your events.

WATCH GUARD 24/7 offers its Special Event clientele:

  • Focused and Discreet, Armed (Retired and Active LE) and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Monitoring of Entry and Exit points
  • Security Camera Review
  • Security Escorts per Event Requirements
  • Procedural Bag Search Prior to Guests Entering Venue
  • Prohibited Item and Behavior Controls
  • General Public Access Review
  • Review of the Venues Emergency Procedures
  • Security Protocols and Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • K-9 Bomb Detection and Professional Canine Handlers
  • X-Ray / Magnetometer Solutions with Highly Trained Personnel and Oversight
  • Coordination with the Local Police and Fire Department
  • Fire Guards (all Certifications)
  • Inspection Teams and Embedded Management to Ensure Program Integrity
  • Hazards and Hazardous Area Protections
  • Fire Exit Protocols Adherence
  • Access for Police, Ambulances, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services
  • Professional and Coordinated Attire


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