Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

In today’s intensive and challenging environment, assessing value against the cost of your security budget is simply smart business. Whether you are considering a security program or you already have one in place, a site security risk assessment is a necessary and critical step towards increasing the safety of your facility and value of your program. Confirming your safety goals independently and objectively to better protect your employees, staff, assets and investment, is the ultimate in business continuity planning.

A well-designed security program built from a true understanding of where vulnerabilities exist and new ways to mitigate them can create a sense of confidence for employees and managers alike.  Security-wise, it reveals the shortest distance between two security points and bridges any gaps. In effect, a risk assessment is a veritable and foundational gap study created to protect a business’s most critical interests. Correctly performed and adhered to, site assessment results are the basis for a practicable approach to theft mitigation, reducing liability claims, and continuity of business operations.

Risk assessments follow risk identification. The security risk assessment process incorporated by WATCH GUARD 24/7 is a systematic and realistic approach to ascertaining security shortfalls to then create practical, proven security recommendations that can easily be understood and implemented. We assist you to make better decisions about your security situation by assessing your safety policies and protocols, use that knowledge to better understand your situation and begin the process of risk mitigation by conducting a thorough physical security evaluation of your facility to evaluate preparedness. The deliverable will provide a summary of issues and recommendations customized to fit your important interests.

WATCH GUARD 24/7 offers its office Risk Assessment clientele:



  • Facility Operating Procedures Review
  • Complete Physical Security Review
  • Electronic Security Systems Review
  • Security Policies and Procedures Review
  • Security Management Roles and Responsibilities Review
  • Security Personnel Post Order Review
  • Facility (internal/external) Logistical Review
  • Evaluation of Security Program and Vulnerabilities Identification
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment against current capabilities
  • Risk Identification and Analysis Review
  • Analysis of crime data including loss history and crime statistics
  • Development of Recommendations for Security Improvements
  • Identification of Costs for Improvements
  • Development of Implementation Plans – Stack-Ranked by Importance
  • Written Security Assessment Report
  • Penetration Testing


Our core focus is an in-depth study and consultative approach to increasing the impact of security, communications, emergency preparedness, workforce and workplace protections, and continuity of operations planning.

Compliance as per Fire Department, Department of Buildings regulations, OSHA and NY-Forward Safety Regulations to reduce spread.