Managing security in today’s hotel, lodging, entertainment, and tourism environment requires experience-based, proven methods for preventing and resolving the challenges faced by today’s hospitality managers. Hotels and other hospitality business lines must be held to the highest standards of security and safety, while aligning the highest levels of professionalism and customer service for their guests, staff and public visitors.

The vulnerable settings of a hotel presents various challenges and can lead to unwanted visitors’ theft and criminal acts which hoteliers and other staff are left to deal with. Our highly trained personnel are able to provide an array of security services to ensure the safety of your property. We understand that your guest experience is paramount. Every investment must improve the experience your guests have at your establishment, including your security. This is where WATCH GUARD 24/7 excels. We will assess your needs and work closely with you to craft a customized security program and fire safety protocol that protects people and assets; and ultimately enhances guest experience while meeting all regulatory requirements.

We provide armed and unarmed security officers, concierge and fire and life safety directors to monitor access, guest and visitor lodging areas, front desk, and the fire safety panel. We provide floor and common area monitoring to make certain there is no unruly behavior or disturbances while WATCH GUARD 24/7’s fire and life safety directors ensure fire safety panel management and compliance. CONTACT US today in the form below to get started on enhancing your guest experience with professional security.

Inadequate security decreases guest safety and increases brand risk



WATCH GUARD 24/7 offers its Hospitality clientele:


  • Experienced Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Access Control and Visitor Management
  • Fire and Life Safety Directors
  • Fire Guards (all certifications)
  • Security System Monitor
  • Elevator Management
  • Concierge
  • Special Events & Rooftop
  • Safety Meetings
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Training
  • Ongoing Security Officer Training and Support
  • COVID-19 Building Threat Protocols (spread deterrence)
  • Emergency Response
  • Evacuations
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Security Vehicle Patrols
  • Site and Risk Assessments
  • Temperature Scanners
  • Social Distance Enforcement Officers
  • Crowd Control
  • 24/7 Command Center for Immediate Support
  • Police Precinct Liaison
  • Field Inspectors for Off-Hour Visits to Enhance Oversight and Quality Assurance
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Real-Time Touring Systems

Compliance as per Fire Department, Department of Buildings regulations, OSHA and NY-Forward Safety Regulations to reduce spread.

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