Retail Security

Retail Security

Retail businesses have ongoing concerns related to revenue shrink due to internal and external theft and criminal activity. Retail shoplifting represents a considerable percentage of loss issues compared to even larger retail losses due to employee thefts and inside criminal acts.

A strategic mix of electronic surveillance and loss prevention personnel at point-of-sale, interior floor and inventory receiving areas, applied to an overall asset control plan and effectively implemented can dramatically reduce these issues. But as every retail situation is different it is not recommended to apply one blanket approach to any two locations. Shoplifting and in-store employee theft mitigation requires analyses and customization, constant attention and a solid plan of action.

WATCH GUARD 24/7 will perform a security risk analysis at your retail locations, consult with you and then create a comprehensive and customized approach to risk mitigation specific to each location. We provide both armed and unarmed security personnel, integrated and professionally attired in uniforms and plain clothes. Our security personnel are trained for a disposition of professionalism and customer courteous service while core-focused and experienced in loss mitigation. WATCH GUARD 24/7 can also provide background checks and employee theft investigations in coordination with local authorities.

Our Security Services for Retail clientele include:



  • Armed and Unarmed Security Officers (all armed officers are retired LE)
  • Covert Loss Prevention Operations
  • Outer Perimeter, Interior Floor and Inventory in/out Monitoring.
  • Roving Personnel (for internal/external on-the-ground observance)
  • Fire Guards (all certifications through FLSD)
  • Loss prevention training for officers
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Training
  • Employee and Staff Escorts
  • Temperature Scanners
  • COVID-19 Building Threat Protocols (spread deterrence)
  • Social Distance Enforcement Officers
  • Point-to-Point Communications
  • 24/7 Command Center for Immediate Support
  • Site Inspection Teams
  • Police Precinct Liaison
  • Emergency Response
  • Evacuations
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Special Event Security
  • Site and Risk Assessments

Compliance as per Fire Department, Department of Buildings regulations, OSHA and NY-Forward Safety Regulations to reduce spread.